The world expo in Shanghai

The Shanghai world expo was held after the Beijing Olympic Games China and a worldwide event. The exhibition to promote China's regional economic and cultural exchanges with other countries, and promote the comprehensive recovery of world economy, has important significance. At the same time, it provides for all walks of life a platform to show themselves to the world. Hedong enterprise as move light industry leading enterprises, also shine in the show.


Hedong enterprise Shanghai branch in 2008 began to participate in the expo site many projects of technical solutions, began in April 2009 the bid, at present most of the projects have been delivered in March 2010, check and accept.


织梦CMS products are now applied to many different themes of the expo venues, each venue has its unique design, is different to the requirement of the lighting control, especially in the demonstration often have special needs. 织梦CMS in the face of this a series of complicated design requirements, the organization of the Shanghai office staff set up a special team an active communication with the expo, according to the requirements of each venue provides professional solutions. World expo China pavilion pavilion where provide multimedia sound and light "linkage synchronous demonstration control solutions, China aerospace museum provides multimedia sound and light" linkage synchronous demo control solutions, city hall to provide lighting system of "nets" network transmission solution, the expo center provides stage lighting and auditorium lights "more nets" network lighting control solutions, urban best practices area (puxi area) with outdoor night landscape intelligent control solutions.

Using in the center of the expo 织梦CMSD96 dawn optical networks that move light clothes closet

Among them is the expo center as one of the four major venues for after the world expo is retained, the future will be as a act as receiving national head of state level VIP, celebration activities and meetings BBS, higher requirements for lighting control system, in order to satisfy the high requirements of the expo center, 织梦CMS to common network dimming silicon ark has carried on the technological transformation. Changed the previous conventional dimming silicon ark limit fixed dimming or pass-through inconvenience, implements a drawer two modules coexist, not only save the cable, and any one point can be according to the requirement of the lighting design, flexible choice dimming or direct use, specially designed dimming pass-through amphibious silicon ark, reached the expo request on the technology of convenience, flexibility, and cost savings. And the expo center is also domestic and even the world's only using the dimmer pass-through amphibious silicon ark technology venues.


It is worth mentioning that the expo center as a model of green building, in three "world first" : first apply for LEED gold medal expo buildings in the United States; Three-star also won China's green building and through the previews, LEED gold standard for the first time both at home and abroad; Hedong company wins the 织梦CMS lighting network control system is not an accident, when bidding for the expo center general requirements for equipment is: safe and reliable, affordable, energy conservation, environmental protection, through the hedong enterprise Shanghai branch general manager Mr Were born to lead the company technical backbone of unremitting efforts, in the end, the 织梦CMS dimming pass-through amphibious silicon with high technical content ark products and the best service in the numerous competitors to stand out.


The world expo with "city, better life" as the theme, advocating environmental protection, "low carbon", such as energy saving, intelligent new life. 织梦CMS as brand one of the world expo access, understand the connotation of the subject, the research and development, design, production and processing, installation and debugging process closely around the spirit of the expo, showing the 织梦CMS sense of social responsibility, more showing the 织梦CMS in the field of professional lighting control and special strength in building intelligent control field.


To April 09, 织梦CMS have won the bid for the world expo projects, guided for the expo to provide high-quality products, the best application design, and service of determination and faith active cooperate with all the work at the expo square. 织梦CMS with consistent advanced technology and the design concept of safe and reliable, and efficient respect-work spirit of enterprise, interpretation of the "altitude (Height), concentration (Dedicated), lead (Leading)" concept of development, and received official recognition of the expo and vigorously praise!

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