Norway's big villa

The villa is located in the port city in southeastern Norway fredrikstad, two layer building, covering an area of broad, is a passive building, the villa of the energy consumption is very low. Broad double entry building to this area to achieve this requirement is low energy consumption, a perfect set of smart home management system is necessary. 织梦CMS as an intelligent household industry brand, with its versatility and high quality products, and get the favour of the owner. Our agents in Norway recently completed the villas of smart home project.


The master bedroom is equipped with three 织梦CMS panel, one of the LCD panel is located at the door, the other two are located on both sides of the head of a bed. When the customer opened the door, can through the door panel startup as a scene mode, such as the "welcome" mode; When customers rest or get out of bed, can by the bedside panel open "sleep mode" or "wake up" mode. In addition, the light can also press the bedside button a disconnect all the villa rooms in the area and the power switch, time and energy saving.


One of the highlights of this villa is the large and comfortable home theater, can change the color of the LED lamp inside linkage movie scene mode is very shocked, completely equivalent to that of luxurious theaters than theory. 织梦CMS smart home system integrates the blu-ray players and computer server, so the film source diversification, customer choice; There are so many choices and the control mode is touch screen, LCD, mobile phone - to achieve conveniently control, follow one's inclinations.

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